Large Display Clock with Big Bold Number


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  • ⏰【Simple Alarm Clock】 Unlike other loud alarm clocks that require a thorough manual review to get started, our Roxicosly digital alarm clock is designed for plug-and-play convenience. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, clearly labeled buttons and seperate physical knobs for volume control and display brightness, the desk clock is super esay to opetare and customize even for kids or elders to meet different needs.
  • 📺【Large Digital Display】 With its compact size, our alarm clock doesn’t occupy much space on your nightstand. However, it features an easy-to-read 7 inch illuminated display that remains visible in daylight and at night from far away. The large screen is a blessing for people who wear glasses, as they don’t need to fumble for their glasses to check the time. You can easily read this LED clock from a distance without wearing glasses or contacts.
  • 🔅【Dual-Alarm Clock & 0-100% Dimmer】This digital dual alarms clock can set 2 alarms, convenient for family members with a different schedule, and both alarms can be turn on/off independently. The digital display brightness of the LED alarm clock can be adjusted, make sure it’s bright enough to read the time clearly during the day, while will not disturb your rest at night, just choose the brightness you are most comfortable with.
  • 🔊【7 Volume Levels】Our electric clock has 7 levels of adjustable volume (70-118 dB), simply controled by twisting the volume adjustment button on the back. Makes it possible to set a volume level that suits you. The loudest volume will wake you up from deep sleep easily. A perfect choice for heavy sleepers, hearing impaired, deaf or hearing loss. This super quiet digital alarm clock runs without annoying tick tock sound, ideal for those who need complete silence to fall asleep.
  • 📱【2 Charging Ports】 The alarm clock is designed with two charging ports, which not only enables its basic alarm clock functionality but also serves as a charger to power up your devices. There are two 2 charging ports – 1 USB charging port and 1 type-C charging port in the back, makes it possible for you to charge 2 mobile devices at the same time, which is best for overnight charging. This plug-in alarm clock is powered by a DC jack, allowing you to easily plug it directly into a wall outlet.
  • 😴【Snooze & Night Light】 This alarm clock for bedroom has a large button on the top, which provides an extra 9 minutes snooze. Furthermore, the clock includes a built-in night light at the back, offering 3 adjustable brightness settings, it can be as the ambient light, the bedside night or reading light according to your usage occasion. The same large button on top of the clock allows for convenient activation of the snooze and also controls the night light, ensuring easy and convenient use.
  • 🔋【Battery Backup】This bedside clock has a reserved slot of 2 backup AAA batteries(not included) on the back, which are responsible for memorizing the time and alarm settings, in case of a power outage. During the power outage, the screen will go blank but the alarm will still work. The clock will display the correct time once power returns. Note: The alarm clock is powered by mains only, not battery powered. For a full display, you have to plug in the wall outlet.
  • ❤️【12H/24H Time Format & DST】: The digital clock is also featured with 12H/24H time format &Daylight Saving Time. The package includes:1x Digital Alarm Clock, 1x DC Adapter & USB Cable, if there is any question with our desk clock, please feel free to contact us.

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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 8.5 × 5.3 × 21.5 cm

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